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Your teeth play a large role in your everyday life, from eating your favourite foods to helping you form words and communicate. At Emerald Hills Dental Centre in Sherwood Park, we strive to keep our patients informed so they can make good decisions about dental treatments and build strong oral hygiene habits. We encourage adults to teach their children the proper way to brush their teeth so good habits can be built early in life.

Here are some answers to common dental questions. If your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and don’t forget to book an appointment with us today so we can discuss your dental health face to face.

What is the proper, dentist-approved way of brushing one’s teeth?

We’re glad you asked! It’s part of most people’s daily habit to brush your teeth, but to make this good habit count, make sure you’re brushing correctly. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a toothbrush with a soft brush and a small head; this will allow you to reach nooks and crannies to remove plaque and will be gentle on your teeth and gums
  • Any toothpaste with fluoride will do the job for most people, unless you have special needs and require a brand recommended by your dentist
  • Brush from a specific location and work your way in a circle all the way to where you started, ensuring you don’t miss a spot
  • Ideally, brush after every meal, but at least brush twice a day – after breakfast and before bed

What is the proper, dentist-approved way of flossing one’s teeth?

Some tips for proper flossing:

  • Ideally, floss after every meal, but once a day should be the minimum
  • Make sure you don’t cut into your gums while flossing; the point of flossing is to clean the teeth surfaces between the gums
  • Hug the tooth with the floss and move up, down, back, and forth

Are electric toothbrushes better?

It depends on the brand, but many studies suggest electric toothbrushes are more efficient. You can theoretically accomplish the same quality of cleaning with a manual brush; it’ll just be more challenging to mimic the movements.

Why is fluoride important?

Scientists noticed some time ago that children living in areas with natural fluoride in their drinking water had a smaller chance of developing cavities than children who did not have natural fluoride in their drinking water. Fluoride strengthens the enamel in your teeth. If there is no fluoride in the drinking water of your area, consider asking your dentist for fluoride supplements.

What causes bad breath?

There are many possible causes of bad breath, including:

  • Gum disease
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption
  • Cavities
  • Bacteria on the tongue
  • Unclean dentures
  • Healing extraction sites
  • Diseases and infections

If you are concerned about bad breath, consult your dentist, who can then determine the cause and advise you on appropriate treatment options.

How can I protect my teeth from damage and decay caused by consuming sugar?

The leading cause of dental decay is sugar consumption. Interestingly, however, this has less to do with how much sugar you consume and more to do with how frequently you consume it. For example, it would be worse to sip a soft drink gradually over a long period of time than to drink it in one go.

To minimize the harmful effects of sugar, you can eat a sugary treat on its own in one sitting or as dessert after other food. Cutting down on sugar altogether is good for both your teeth and your health, but if you must snack on sugar, remember to brush soon after eating, or rinse your mouth with mouthwash that has fluoride in it. Also, remember that things like bread and pasta also contain sugar.

Have more questions that we did not answer here? Please get in touch; our dental clinic in Sherwood Park would be happy to share our knowledge.

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