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Sedation Dentistry


Nowadays, sedation has become an important part of invasive dental treatments. It helps calm the nerves and puts you at ease during dental procedures. Sedation can be very helpful for those who feel anxious or nervous at the sight of dental tools.

Emerald Hills Dental Centre’s sedation dentists in Sherwood Park can help you reduce pain and anxiety related to dental treatments like root canals and tooth extractions. We have experienced dentists who can recommend the correct type of sedative, considering your age, health, and the nature of the dental procedure. We understand your anxiety and make sure that our patients feel calm and relaxed before we start dental procedures.

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Emerald Hills Dental Centre provides effective emergency dental services in Sherwood Park and caters to emergency appointments on the same day.


Understanding sedation dentistry is key to a relaxed dental experience. When administered by a licensed healthcare provider, sedation dentistry is considered safe and boasts minimal side effects, making it a preferred choice for patients and dentists. The advantages of dental sedation during procedures include:

  • Patient relaxation: Inducing a state of relaxation in the patient, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

  • Enhanced cooperation: A comfortable patient in the dentist's chair improves cooperation throughout the procedure.

  • Controlled patient movement: Facilitating the dentist's ability to carry out the procedure with controlled and coordinated patient movements.

  • Gag reflex management: Assisting in controlling the gag reflex, improving the overall ease of the dental process.

At Emerald Hills Dental Centre, patient safety is paramount. Before administering any sedative, thorough screening for potential drug interactions and medical conditions is conducted. We closely monitor oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate throughout dental procedures to ensure a secure environment.

The administration of sedation is tailored based on various factors, including the level of anxiety, the duration of the dental procedure, the patient's health history, and personal preferences. Trust us to prioritize your comfort and well-being through a personalized, safe sedation dentistry experience. Call us now!


Delve into the different types of sedation offered at Emerald Hills Dental Centre for a tailored and comfortable dental experience. We provide two main types of sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas):

    • Inhaled through a mask, this gentle sedative begins its calming effect within three to five minutes.

    • The dentist has precise control over the sedation levels and can adjust dosages throughout the procedure.

    • After treatment, pure oxygen is administered to flush out the nitrous oxide, allowing for a quick recovery.

    • Unlike oral or IV sedation, laughing gas leaves the system rapidly, enabling patients to drive home post-procedure.

  • Oral conscious sedation:

    • Administered in the form of a pill or syrup, oral conscious sedation is given to patients, particularly children, approximately an hour before the procedure.

    • This type of sedation induces numbness to alleviate pain or even induce sleep while still allowing the patient to remain conscious and communicative if necessary.

    • Side effects may include temporarily dazed memory and motor skills, prompting the recommendation to bring a friend or family member for a safe journey home after the procedure.

At Emerald Hills Dental Centre, patient safety is our priority. We conduct thorough screenings for potential drug interactions and medical conditions before administering any sedative. Closely monitoring oxygen levels, blood pressure, and heart rate throughout dental procedures ensures a secure environment.

Sedation options are personalized based on factors such as anxiety levels, the duration of the dental procedure, the patient's health history, and personal preferences. Count on us to provide a range of sedation choices, ensuring your dental experience is effective but also comfortable and stress-free. Book an appointment.


Sedation dentistry can be administered safely to patients of all ages, including children, old and those with special needs. A moderate level of sedative is administered, either oral or nitrous gas, to create a short-term insensitivity to pain without losing consciousness.

Dentists often recommend sedation dentistry for patients who:

  • Need complex dental procedures.

  • Fearful of visiting the dentist.

  • Have overly sensitive gag reflexes.

  • Fear of needles (aichmophobia).

  • Have extreme teeth sensitivity.

  • Anxious while sitting in the dental chair.

  • Difficulty controlling movements.

  • Special needs include physical, cognitive, or behavioural.


Emerald Hills Dental Centre has experienced sedation dentists in Sherwood Park to ensure you experience stress-free dental visits with little memory of the procedure. Contact us for a range of dental services in a relaxing and friendly ambience by highly qualified and experienced dentists and staff.

Sedation is administered based on factors including the level of anxiety, the length of the dental procedure, the patient’s health history and personal preference.


Experience anxiety-free dental treatment with a sedation dentist in Sherwood Park.

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